About us

Kennel Shaka-Savoy consists of mother Britt Helen Lura and daughter Mona Lura and have been breeding dogs since 1998. Before dog breeding, Britt Helen bred the cat breed Orientales for 17 years. Today, we operate on Ålgård just outside Stavanger / Sandnes.

Shaka-Savoy first started breeding Basenji, but eventually gained a great interest in the breed Bull Terrier, which we have been breeding for the longest time. Eventually we grew very fond of the English and French bulldogs, which we are breeding today.

As a breeder, we focus on breeding healthy, healthy and mentally stable dogs which, in addition, have breed-like appearances. Our dogs are therefore perfect for anyone who wants a family dog ​​and / or show dog.

As a result of our focus on quality, we have developed a broad network both nationally and internationally, giving us the opportunity to continue breeding using some of the best dogs the breeds has to offer.

We are a member of the Norwegian Kennel Club and the Norwegian Bulldog Club and follow the club's breeding guidelines.